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Logo Design

This logo and website were designed for a specialist will writer. Every stage of the process was focussed on striking the right balance between being serious and professional; and being approachable, accessible and straightforward.

The serif font and subtle visual cues indicating documentation and paperwork, lend a reassuring and appropriate gravitas, while the welcoming graphic on the home page, slight roundedness in the logo font and simple, user-centric navigation invite users of every demographic to engage with the content.

An additional aid to the accessibility of the site is the tooltips function. The content management system contains a pre-defined list of legalese words and phrases that could potentially confuse or alienate visitors. Whenever one of these words or phrases appears in the site content, it appears as a link which, when hovered over, displays a “translation” of the phrase.

This site was created using WordPress and has a responsive theme, making it mobile device friendly.